The nation’s definition of marriage was just changed by the Supreme Court.

We want to help your church protect the biblical definition of marriage through church by-laws!

Our Church By-Law Modification Course will walk your church through modifying your church’s founding documents.

Protect Your Church

What is in the Church By-Law Modification Course?

How to Read and Understand Your By-laws

  • Learn how to understand your church’s current legal foundation.

  • Learn how to modify your by-laws legally.

  • Make sure you implement all your changes correctly.

Requirements for Every Church’s By-Laws

  • Your by-laws are your church’s operational documents and must accurately reflect what your church stands for.

  • Learn how to make your by-laws legally compliant.

  • Do your by-laws include the critical “must haves”? This is necessary before you can be sure you meet the legal exemptions given to a church.

How to Uphold Biblical Marriage within your Church

  • No matter how the federal government defines marriage or what new Supreme Court decision comes down, how the church defines marriage is vitally important to the protection of your church and its pastors. 

  • We provide legal language for you to adopt into your church by-laws.

  • We walk though the differences between marriage definitions and what is needed to protect against transgender marriage.

By-law Modification Essentials

What do you get with our By-Law Modification Essentials Course?

  • Legal education so you understand how to modify your by-laws properly.

  • A step-by-step guide for your church to follow to strengthen its by-laws.

  • Attorney-drafted language you can use in your by-laws today.

How do I know if my church needs to modify its by-laws?


  • You have not updated your by-laws in the past two years.

  • You believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

  • You have never strengthened your membership provisions or the termination of membership provisions.

  • You want your church to be more secure against legal challenges.

  • You want to control who uses your church facilities for weddings and other events.

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