Do you need more help to ensure consistent legal compliance and accountability? Our Church Counsel Elite Membership is for you. After you become a member, you will have access to all of the Church Counsel Essential Series along with each and every new course we develop while you are a member, PLUS you will receive up to two hours a month of attorney phone support.

Church Counsel

While a member of Church Counsel Elite, your personalized Church Law Attorney will be available to help you with your church law questions and drafting needs along with the following:

  • A church law attorney to act as your church’s General Counsel

  • Review contracts and keep others accountable to the church

  • Advise on issues with your Elders or Board of Advisors on an ongoing basis

  • On-call attorneys when you need help related to a church crisis

  • Policy drafting and best practices implementation

  • Legal counsel with regards to 501(c)(3) compliance

  • Legal counsel when issues related to politics or issues faced by the church

This is your solution for continuous protection for your church along with church-specific legal advice, ready when you need it. Church Counsel Elite is not for everyone. It’s for churches that take seriously their need for protection and to be current on the law, and who want to have access to a church law attorney when questions arise within their church.

FAQ’s about Church Counsel Elite

Anything. The beauty is that you can get the full value out of your Elite membership by consulting with your church’s specialist attorney about any subject you are concerned about or you want to know more about.

After you sign up, you will be given the contact email of your Church Law Attorney. You can schedule an appointment with them via email or by calling us at 1.877-273-3830.

If your attorney is drafting documents for your church, you will receive proofs and the final version via email. Occasionally, for your convenience and that of the Church Counsel, we may decide to send physical documents for you to sign, and those would be delivered by overnight carrier.

Yes, there are no long-term contracts with your Elite membership. You can cancel at any time; however, you must cancel prior to your rollover date, at which point your payment would have already been processed, and no refunds for that would be given.

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