Custom Modification

With our Custom Church By-law Modification you will receive the following!

COST: $2,600
DocuScore Analysis and Report
Access to our By-Law Modification Essentials Video Series
Three Attorney Phone Calls
Attorney Guidance
Attorney-drafted Custom Foundational Documents

Our legal review of your church’s by-laws or constitution, looked at through the eyes of the court and scored with our unique system, DocuScore. The results let us know how to begin the process of improving your documents.

Even though we will be drafting custom documents for your church, your team will gain important knowledge for the future by watching these informative videos.

We will schedule three phone calls with your team to work through any and all issues.

Our attorneys will work with your team to draft your custom by-laws based on your team’s input and your church’s needs.

After the process is finished, we will run a new DocuScore report to make sure that all needed changes have been made.

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