Let us start the process of reviewing your church’s foundational documents with our unique DocuScore system. We take your foundational documents and review them as if it was the court reviewing them. We then produce a custom report based on our findings. This report is useful for your pastor, elders and other decision makers to help them understand where your church documents stand legally so that you can make appropriate changes to enhance the safety of your church from legal attacks.

Let us review your church’s by-laws or constitution with our 26-point DocuScore. Start now to check your church’s by-laws or constitution for maximum legal protection.

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Church Foundation DocuScore

Our custom church document review process “DocuScore” will review your church’s by-laws or constitution and give your church insight on how your documents are viewed in the eyes of the courts. Your score will reveal any areas that need improvement.

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You will receive a special email address where you can send your church formation documents. Once you send your church by-laws, constitution, or both, we will put your documents through our 26-point analysis and send you a custom report with your church DocuScore, giving you an indication of how secure your church documents are in the eyes of the law.

You will receive your church DocuScore and custom analysis within three business days. After your receive your custom analysis and DocuScore, your church can use this information to further protect and strengthen your church’s foundational documents.

Based on current law, we are looking for ways to strengthen your foundational documents by suggesting updates to the provisions where they are needed.

Your DocuScore will reveal any areas that need improvement.

We have a unique 26-point document scoring system that covers the necessary provisions for foundational documents.

We put your foundational documents through our scoring system and analyze them as if the court was reviewing them.

This scoring system ensures the best legal protection in case your church’s by-laws or constitution are ever questioned or come under attack.

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