• What liability risks should our ministry be aware of when planning on-campus activities for children and/or students?
  • What liability risks should our ministry be aware of when planning off-campus activities for children and/or students?
  • What is an “Activity Participation Agreement?”
  • What should our ministry consider before doing a service project in the community?


  • Should our ministry incorporate?
  • Does our ministry need bylaws?
  • Does our ministry need a mission statement?
  • Does our ministry need an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
  • What documents should our ministry keep, and for how long?
  • Are deacons, elders, or board members personally liable for decisions made by the governing body?
  • If a member of our governing body is found to be involved in immoral or illegal activities, how should we respond?
  • What should our ministry consider when merging with another ministry?
  • What should our ministry consider when starting another site or church plant?



  • Do background checks need to be done on all staff members and ministry volunteers?
  • How do we handle the information if a background check turns up questionable information or a criminal record?
  • What processes should be done before hiring an employee?
  • What should be considered before firing an employee?
  • Does our ministry’s workers’ compensation policy cover independent contractors?
  • What tax liability does our ministry have in relation to independent contractors?
  • What do we need to know about hiring youth?
  • Does the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) apply to our ministry?
  • Do we need an employee handbook?



  • What do our staff members need to know about contracts?
  • How much liability insurance does our ministry need?
  • Do we need extra insurance for a construction project?
  • Is our ministry tax-exempt?
  • What political activity is prohibited by a tax-exempt status?
  • How should our ministry respond to requests for support from political candidates and/or political groups?


  • Does our ministry need to get permission from individuals before using their picture in a ministry publication or website?
  • What do our ministry employees need to understand about the use of social media?
  • How can we reduce the risk of our ministry computers being used for pornography?
  • Does our ministry need an online privacy policy?
  • How can our music and/or media ministries avoid copyright issues?
  • What is “Intellectual Property” and what does our ministry need to know about it?


  • What liability does our ministry have if a sudden medical emergency occurs on our property?
  • What is an “Incident Report” and when does it need to be used?
  • What is a “mandated reporter,” and what does that mean for our ministry?
  • What precautions do our preschool and children’s leaders need to take in regard to serious allergies?
  • What if children involved in our ministry have not received standard childhood immunizations?
  • What is the “Good Samaritan” law and does it apply to individuals in our ministry?
  • Should we allow a registered sex offender to attend our worship service?
  • What does our ministry need to consider about using armed security personnel?
  • Should we have security cameras and how should the information from those cameras be used?
  • How should we deal with a disruptive person in a worship service or activity?
  • How should our ministry prepare for potential violence?
  • How should we respond to a demonstration on our property?
  • How should we respond if reporters come to our worship service or ask one of our employees for an interview?
  • What kind of disaster response plan do we need in case of a natural disaster when people are gathered for a service or ministry event?



  • What does our ministry need to do to be “handicapped accessible?”
  • What risks does our ministry assume when loaning our facility to an outside group?
  • What doors need to be locked and/or unlocked when people are on campus?
  • What types of signs should be posted in our buildings and on our grounds?


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